The businesses highlighted on this page are organizations and people that we know and work with. Please click their logo and visit their site to learn more about them.

Corporate Clean Services provides exceptional custodial and specialty cleaning services. Contact: Sales
Phone: 616.443.4534
We are a proud sponsor of the Demons Robotics #858 Competition team located in Wyoming MI. Contact Relevant to learn more.
We are a proud sponsor of the enigma 2075 Robotics Competition team at West Catholic High School. Contact Relevant to learn more.
Firm Foundation Home Inspection, LLC is a premier home inspection company located in West Michigan. Contact: Bill Moss
Phone: 616.260.0779
At Kentwood Christian Church we sincerely try to follow the Bible and its teachings. Our salvation is based on what God has done for us through Jesus Christ. We are completely dependent on God’s graciousness and mercy. Contact: Pastor Patrick Gill
Phone: 616.455.1510
The word “philo” comes from one of the three Greek words used for love. Christ calls us into his family. And we are to love each other as brothers and sisters in Christ. We aim as a youth group to “keep on loving each other as brothers.” Contact: Pastor BJ George
Phone: 616.455.1510
We are a proud sponsor of the Red Storm Robotics #3875 Competition team at East Kentwood High School. Contact Relevant to learn more.
Woods Landscape Maintenance provides a service for our customers at an above industry standard and still are competitively priced. Contact: Sales
Phone: 616-868-6749