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We do business with the following companies and we know that you can trust their services and pricing. Each works with a code of ethics to honor prices quoted, provide quality products and services, and be of the utmost integrity. If you give them your business, we know you will be taken care of.
Bay Pointe Inn Is our official location for corporate events, parties and personal weekends.  We’ve used them for our corporate events and personal stays and had top notch service and quality.  The food at the Terrace Grill is some of the best you will find and worth the drive for dinner.  Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.
Bay Pointe Inn Lakefront Resort
11456 Marsh Road
Shelbyville, MI 49344

Terrace Grille Reservations:
(269) 672-5202

Relevant Care

The consensus among the information security community is that each year seems worse in terms of data loss. Standard firewalls and the usual virus protection software isn’t enough.

How do We Protect You? Relevant Care!

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