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The backbone of any company is its IT department. Networking, integration, communication, hardware, and software are just a few aspects of IT, but in reality, information technology is the entire nonhuman operation of any organization. Because it’sbusiness man engineer in data center server room such an integral part of any business, IT must be handled with care and concern. And no one is better suited to treat IT appropriately than Relevant.

Relevant has over 50 years of IT experience. If you use them, not only do you get the standard “call-us” service, you also get the basic level of service expected from any IT consulting company. Your request becomes Relevant’s mission. Their operation specializes in small- and medium-size businesses, and they deliver integrated and comprehensive solutions to one and all.

Relevant classifies small businesses as those having less than 50 computers and medium businesses as those with 50 to 200 computers. For both small- and medium-size organizations, Relevant offers a standard IT package. These include:

  • Design, support, testing, security, and analysis of networks
  • Software and hardware inventory
  • Workstation installation, optimization, and setup
  • Server management, upgrades, security, virtualization, and support
  • Firewall management, security audits, and setup
  • Tech support and help-desk services
  • Colocation and hosted services

But what if all that isn’t enough? If you need even more advanced networking and IT solutions, look closely at the proactive support from Relevant:

  • Server optimization and regular monitoring
  • Protected, clean, and updated workstations
  • Firewall, Internet usage monitoring and optimization
  • Remote and local backup, both periodic and manual
  • Spam, network-threat monitoring, and daily cleansing

The result of all of Relevant’s activities is a clean and protected network that serves your business and your profit concerns.

Proper network support is not just reacting to problems, but being proactive about them. The quicker your IT department deals with an issue, the less downtime there is. This is where Relevant stands out. Relevant pinpoints failures and often troubleshoots them before you even get the time to call. To ensure continued productivity and zero downtime, they focus on a concept they like to call Relevant Care, which is a holistic approach toward IT management. There simply is no substitute to an adept and capable IT support service like Relevant offers.

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