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Gone are the days when employees made companies tick. True, a company without workers is nothing, but a company without IT has no backbone. Manpower and IT go hand in hand. A well-briefed and adept IT staff, therefore, becomes critical to the businessman with laptop in network server roomsuccess of any organization. But do you need to invest into a heavy-duty IT team, or can you leave it to another organization? Relevant takes care of all IT requirements—starting from networking to hardware, telephony to backup—in an all-inclusive package.

Think of how productive your office could become if it never had to tackle IT problems again. Downed servers, unresponsive communication lines, severed networks, and compromised data are just a few of the IT debacles waiting to happen without a competent IT department. But Relevant’s holistic approach looks after every conceivable IT requirement. They are knowledgeable about antivirus, spam protection, updates, hardware and software integration, telephony, backup, and more. They integrate the world of IT into a single package that offers ease of use and easy access to small- and medium-size organizations. What usually takes thousands of man-hours and a lot of investment to maintain and manage can be downsized to a monthly check and a competent outsourced team.

When all your IT concerns are being handled by Relevant, your employees are free to concentrate on what really makes your business tick. They are no longer bogged down by daily IT issues, because Relevant addresses everything before your employees even know of it. The problems are tackled on your behalf, and all you have to deal with is an update or memo about an already-fixed issue.

What about expansion or integration with new software or technology? This, too, is handled by Relevant. You don’t need to invest in new employees or train anyone, because everything is done under a single roof. You spend zero hours on IT and free up countless hours for increased productivity.

For companies that are just starting out, investing in an IT department is an expensive affair, but for already-existing large corporations, it’s just a matter of adding more men or more equipment. Quite naturally, the best solution for start-up and medium-sized ventures is to outsource their IT needs. Relevant is happy to undertake every level and size of networking or IT task, regardless of the complexity, because they work to make IT work for you.

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