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Information technology (IT) is probably the most sought-after service in any industry today. Computers, technology, and advancement are possible solely because of IT management. Naturally, your business needs some amount of IT solutions. You have a choice to either invest in an in-house IT team or outsource the entire process to a Grand Rapids IT support division. Why should you bother outsourcing? Because at Relevant Networks, it is not just about IT management once in a while, but continued services for as long as you want.

cubeThink about it, your business may be small or large, but to keep it running, you depend on computers, servers, routers, connections, and phone lines. To keep all of these things functioning smoothly, you either have to invest in an in-house team, which in turn costs a lot on a monthly basis, or outsource your IT-management needs. Outsourcing to Relevant eliminates the need to hire IT specialists. Relevant handles every facet of IT care that your business may need, starting from phone lines, Internet connections, protection against viruses, and malware to hosting and colocation services.

From setting up new servers, workstations, and connections to installing new operating systems, testing and protecting systems, maintaining firewalls and antivirus software, as well as colocation, Relevant offers every conceivable IT solution any business will ever require. Plus, Relevant has its own set of well-protected and always-online servers that come with a 24-hour accessible support team.

Relevant offers a host of different IT services and bills you only for what you use. So if you’re interested in an ongoing service for all your office computers, you can get a fixed monthly charge based on the computers you own. Similarly, if you only need server space, you would only get server time quoted in the bill. Unlike other Grand Rapids IT-support firms, Relevant is purely about meeting the business needs of its clients.

If you own a company, have more than fifteen employees, store confidential data on your local network and workstations, require a dedicated IT team to safeguard data and keep things in prime condition, then you need a reliable Grand Rapids IT-support team. And Grand Rapids-based Relevant caters its IT management services to small- and medium-sized businesses.

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