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IT Services

Business Services
We can handle all of your IT service needs.  If you’re small, we will be your on-demand IT staff covering daily help through strategic planning.

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Cloud Services
Relevant Care

We provide regular system care to keep your IT systems running so you can concentrate on your business.  Some of the services include:

  • Anti-virus and Anti-spyware – a must for any network
  • Backup – Our fixed price, managed backup service
  • Hardware monitoring – Keep an eye on system changes and issues
  • Software inventory – Keep track of installed software and watch for applications that aren’t approved.
  • SPAM protection – Stop e-mail threats before they enter your network
  • Unified Threat Firewall – High quality defense at your internet gateway including reporting
  • Windows updates – Not applying them can cause issues, letting Microsoft apply them opens the door to bad patches.  Let us help you with our sophisticated white-list process to identify and deploy only the patches that should be deployed.

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Residential Services
Computer not working or running slow?  We’ll help and for less than the big stores with more personalized service.

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Voice Services
Let us help you save money and utilize the latest in voice services for your home or business.  Why invest in large, expensive PBX systems, hosted telephone services help you future-proof your phone services.

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Web Sites
A web site creates a necessary presence on the web for your business.  From small very low-cost sites that show the basics about your business to data driven and integrated sites, we can help.

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Relevant Care

The consensus among the information security community is that each year seems worse in terms of data loss. Standard firewalls and the usual virus protection software isn’t enough.

How do We Protect You? Relevant Care!

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