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Wireless Networking

Mike GreenfieldWe have been blessed to have one of the most experienced Wireless Network Engineers on our staff:  Mike Greenfield.

Mike started Wireless Technology Solutions 10 years ago.  The company focused on providing wireless high speed internet throughout the West Michigan area.  Mike performed:

  • Broadband Wireless Network Design
  • Creation and implementation of secured wireless networks (WiFi)
  • Creation and implementation of secured Point-To-Point Voice and Data links that save corporations thousands of dollars on monthly reoccurring fees.
  • Specialist in wireless technologies.
  • Motorola Canopy network design, implementation, and maintenance.
  • Point to point and point to multi-point applications.
  • Certified International Motorola Canopy instructor.

Mike is a partner in Relevant Networks and has brought all of his training and expertise with him.  Let us help you with your wireless networking needs.


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The consensus among the information security community is that each year seems worse in terms of data loss. Standard firewalls and the usual virus protection software isn’t enough.

How do We Protect You? Relevant Care!

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