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photodune-4179970-small-businessman--xsRunning a small business is stressful and having to create various departments costs quite a bit. If you’ve been thinking of a reliable way to get an IT department without having to set up an office, Relevant Networks is here to help. Hiring the services of an off-site IT department comes with many benefits, which include:

  1. Not having to increase costs by paying an IT staff every month, even when there aren’t any IT problems.

  2. Having a stable and constant support system.

  3. Paying less than what you’d pay for an in-house department.

  4. Getting expert minds from different fields of information technology to help you with your system.

Give Relevant Networks a call, and you’ll never need to worry about setting up an in-house IT team. For more than fifty years, Relevant Networks has offered the best off-site IT department, and they’re there whenever their presence is required. You can count on Relevant for the best backup, security, and IT services.

Relevant has designed the perfect system for all company sizes, so no company feels left out.

  • Relevant specializes in small- and medium-size businesses where IT services are needed whether they’re:

    • Home-based

    • Small companies, under 50 computers

    • Medium companies, with 50 to 200 computers

  • Relevant offers standard IT services to ensure your environment is optimized in:

    • Free network analysis, testing, design, support, and security

    • Hardware and software recording

    • Workstation setup, installation, and optimization

    • Server management, support, security, virtualization, and enhancements

    • Firewall management, setup, and security audits

Remember, a business with the best IT operators will grow to be the best in its industry and will never inconvenience clients’ ability to contact and research them.

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