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What do you understand by the term IT-management solutions? Does it only encompass continuous IT support for your existing infrastructure? Or is it also inclusive of long-term plans, expansions, and upgrades; the introduction of new protocols, antivirus, and antispam efforts; intranet firewalls; training and educating employees of a company; setting up procedures and policies of IT use; and more? Relevant Networks understands just how important IT management is for any company, regardless of its size or type. It doesn’t just look at providing continuous support, but also at educating and saving time and money for your business.

photodune-5023244-success-xsWith a vigilant eye on your entire infrastructure, regular weekly servicing runs and monthly troubleshooting, a tight-knit firewall system, and the ability to remotely access your network to solve issues, Relevant is always active in protecting and safeguarding your IT infrastructure. And when there is an IT issue, Grand Rapids-based Relevant Networks is fine-tuned to promptly address and resolve issues. The end result is that you seldom even notice IT issues.

When Relevant makes an effort, your efforts are never lost. Backups, redundancy of data, storage on secured servers, high availability at all times—these are a few of the features assured by Relevant, which in turn ensures that you never lose confidential information or data. With practically zero IT headaches, running your business becomes much easier when you use Relevant.

You know that if you were to hire an entire in-house IT department to overlook your IT requirements, it would cost quite a bit. But since Relevant operates remotely, you end up with lower employee numbers, more available floor space, and greater savings in the long run. Best of all, you never have to worry about any IT problems.
Ultimately, Relevant frees up a lot of resources for your business, which enables your employees to work harder, smarter, and longer without getting frustrated due to IT issues. From education of employees to remote servicing and complete protection of your IT infrastructure, Relevant simplifies it all for you so that you can save money.

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